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Translation of "au boulot" in English

at work
on the job
in business
on the clock
get busy
to work for work from work into work at the office
down to business
Au boulot
to the office
let's do


J'utiliserai ça aussi au boulot.
I'll be using that at work, too.
J'utiliserai ça au boulot demain.
I'll be using that at work tomorrow.
Je ne les porte jamais au boulot.
I never wear 'em on the job.
Signe ces contrats et... au boulot.
Eddy, you sign these contracts and we're in business.
Elle reviendra au boulot cet après-midi.
She'll be back at work this afternoon.
Bonne journée au boulot, partenaire.
Have a good day at work, partner.
Je le voyais dans l'ascenseur au boulot.
He's some guy that I used to see in the elevator all the time at work.
Si je peux vous dépanner, appelez-moi au boulot.
If there is ever any way that I can hook you up, you just call me at work.
Quand je raconterai cette blague au boulot demain...
Oh, when I tell that joke at work tomorrow, people...
C'est finis les conversations sociales au boulot.
There will be no more talking of a social nature at work.
J'étais trop occupé au boulot.
You know, I was so busy at work.
Ils enlevaient leur t-shirt au boulot.
They were taking their shirts off at work.
Tu ne peux pas téléphoner au boulot.
You can't be on the phone at work. I know. Just...
J'ai... trébuché au boulot.
Oh, it's... I tripped at work.
C'est pratique, quelquefois au boulot.
Well, it's useful occasionally, if I'm dealing with something at work.
Ils allaient le jeter au boulot, et je l'ai sauvé.
They were just gonna throw this guy away at work, and I saved it.
J'ai juste été retenue au boulot.
I'm just got hung up at work.
Lorsque nous sommes occupés au boulot, Clif parle pour nous.
Whenever we are busy at work, Clif talks on our behalf.
Je te verrais au boulot demain d'accord.
I'll see you at work tomorrow, all right.
Non, j'ai en quelque sorte prévu de surprendre Kayla au boulot.
No, I kind of have a bit of a plan to surprise Kayla at work.
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