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Translation of "auparavant" in English


Nous devons vraiment conserver la position adoptée auparavant.
We must maintain the stand we took on this before.
Regina doit me détester comme jamais auparavant.
Regina needs to hate me like she's never hated me before.
Nous allons à présent installer les certificats créés auparavant.
Now we're going to install the Apache certificates we made previously.
Les mesures qui existaient auparavant restent en vigueur.
The measures that existed previously are also in effect now.
La cible correspondante a été atteinte quatre ans auparavant.
The relevant target under the Goals had been achieved four years earlier.
La jurisprudence l'avait déjà noté auparavant.
This had already been noted earlier in the jurisprudence.
Les tribunaux devaient auparavant invoquer la jurisprudence.
Previously the courts had to rely on case law.
Toutefois ces femmes connaissent mieux leurs droits qu'auparavant.
On the other hand, Roma women are more aware of their rights than before.
On a eu tendance auparavant à négliger certains aspects.
Previously, there had been a tendency for certain aspects to be overlooked.
Ce tribunal ignore comment vous étiez auparavant.
The tribunal does not know how you were before.
Le Vice-Président m'a menti auparavant.
The vice president has lied to me before.
Je voulais me suicider quelques jours auparavant.
I wanted to take my life only a few nights before.
J'avais jamais vu ça auparavant.
No, I've never seen surgery like that before.
Je n'avais jamais baguenaudé auparavant.
You know, I've never moseyed before.
Elle a gagné en expérience auparavant.
It just picked up some experience before that.
Je n'avais jamais vu ça auparavant.
Which is why it started beating again. I've never seen this before.
Ce qui semblait impensable quelques années auparavant est devenu réalité.
Something that had seemed impossible just a few years previously has become reality.
Le plaignant avait également été auparavant délégué syndical pendant plusieurs années.
The Complainant had also served as Union Shop Steward for several years previously.
Nos soldats seront autant surdéployés que jamais auparavant.
Our soldiers will be stretched as thinly as ever before.
Une annonce distincte avait été faite auparavant.
That was a separate announcement that had been made previously.
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