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Translation of "avouer" in English


C'est courageux d'avouer ses craintes.
It takes a brave man to admit his fears, Sam.
Mais il ne veut pas l'avouer.
He was just the kind of guy who doesn't like to admit it.
Je dois cependant avouer mon découragement.
I must confess, however, that I am discouraged.
Albert devra avouer les causes de son ignominieuse mort.
Albert will have to confess the reasons of his ignominious death.
Ne pas avouer ses péchés c'est se tromper soi-même.
Pearce If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.
Je dois l'avouer, Boyle.
I got to say, boyle.
Il aurait également consenti à avouer.
He, too, reportedly agreed to confess.
Il a été contraint d'avouer des arrestations antérieures qui n'ont jamais eu lieu.
He was forced to confess to previous arrests that never took place.
Je vais aller tout lui avouer et m'excuser.
I'm sorry. I'll go confess and apologize.
Je vais vous entendre avouer avant de mourir.
I'm going to hear you confess before you die.
On est venus vous avouer que...
We have to confess that we were the ones that...
Je peux enfin avouer devant témoins que je sais faire des photocopies.
Pam, I can now admit in front of friends and family that I do know how to make a photocopy.
Il va avouer à moins qu'on agisse.
He will confess unless we act.
Trop fier pour avouer que je l'avais quitté.
Too proud to admit I left him.
Elle est trop timide pour avouer tout de suite.
She's too bashful to admit it.
Tu dois avouer, on s'est bien amusé.
You have to admit, we had a good time.
Cependant, je dois t'avouer quelque chose.
I have to admit something to you, though.
Si tu peux avouer ça... je peux avouer que ta perplexité me fait plaisir.
Well, if you can admit that, I suppose I can admit I'm glad you're confounded.
T'inventes des histoires pour pas avouer.
You made up a story so as not to admit what you did.
Dites-moi ce que je devrais avouer.
Tell me what I should be confessing to.
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