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Translation of "balle" in English


Frapper la balle directement contre ma tête.
If you hit the ball directly against my head.
Mais la balle continue a rebondir.
But that ball, though, it keeps on bouncing.
La balle a traversé l'estomac.
The bullet went straight through her abdominal cavity.
On enlèvera la balle et ensuite...
We'll remove the bullet, and then...
Soeur Nordmann a eu raison d'enlever la balle.
And I must admit, Sister Nordmann was right to remove the bullet before it caused more damage.
Vous allez pas gaspiller une balle.
I don't want you to waste a bullet.
Une balle n'arrêtera pas Bob Roberts.
Bob Roberts won't be stopped by any bullet.
Examinez-moi la balle qui a tué celui-ci.
And take a look at the bullet that killed this guy.
Cette balle peut contenir tout l'univers.
[Arnold] Everything in the world can fit inside this ball.
Maintenant, voyons cette balle incurvée.
Now, let's see about that curve ball.
La balle a traversé le gilet.
Looks like the bullet went right through the front of his vest.
On pourrait faire une balle au prisonnier.
We could like play some form of dodge ball, maybe.
Sans elle, une balle hoIographique tue.
Without them, even a holographic bullet can kill.
La troisième balle me traverse l'épaule.
The third bullet shoots me, goes out the other end.
La balle venait du pistolet Harrison.
Well, the bullet came from the Harrison gun.
J'essayé d'attrapez une fausse balle.
Well, I was just trying to catch a foul ball.
Chaque balle mènera à cette boutique.
Every bullet here will be traced back to that store.
Mais, celle-ci contient une balle.
But, this one here had a bullet inside it.
Les Rangers ont la balle et dribblent.
The Rangers have the ball and are dribbling through...
Regarde les rainures sur cette balle.
Look at the lands and grooves on this bullet.
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