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Translation of "bateau" in English


Rappelez-moi d'écrire aux constructeurs du bateau.
Remind me to write a letter to the builders of this boat.
Parfait donc pour ravitailler le bateau.
So it's a perfect place if you need to refuel the boat.
Un colis arrive par bateau de Mourmansk.
There's a package coming in on a ship from Murmansk.
Un bateau part de Plymouth samedi.
There's a ship going from Plymouth on Saturday.
Le bateau était parti des Bahamas pour Miami.
It also stated that the vessel had left the Bahamas and was heading for Miami.
Equipement du bateau selon l'article 23.09.
Equipment of the vessel in accordance with article 23.09.
Prêtez-moi assez pour prendre le bateau.
Just lend me enough to get on the boat.
Laissez-nous vous accompagner jusqu'au bateau.
Let us get you a ride to the boat.
Miyagi a quitté Okinawa par bateau.
Was this place here when you left? Miyagi leave Okinawa by boat.
Imaginez-vous sur un bateau à Ellis Island.
All right? Picture yourself in a boat at Ellis island.
Nous devons camoufler le traîneau et fabriquer un bateau.
We'll have to cache the sled later on and build a boat.
Salerno était sur le bateau, enfermé.
Salerno was on the ship, locked up in the brig.
Leur bateau peut couler au retour.
Well, their ship sank on the way home.
Alors nous devons reprendre le bateau.
Then we must go back with the boat.
Procure-toi un bateau, vole-le si nécessaire.
Find a boat, buy one, steal it, if you have too.
Il ressemble au bateau qui m'a amenée.
Because when I got on a ship in Volantis, it looked like that one.
Je regrette que ce soit sur votre bateau.
I regret it has to be on your ship, but you will understand the necessity.
Sois heureuse d'avoir quitté le bateau.
I don't think you want to be on that ship now, Annie.
Ensuite ils retournent au bateau pour minuit.
Then it's back to the boat by midnight.
Ce bateau devrait déjà être déchargé.
That ship should have been unloaded by now.
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