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Translation of "boire" in English


Majesté, vous pourriez boire son énergie.
But, sire, you could drink her essence.
Fais attention à ne pas trop boire.
Now, when you get up there tonight, don't drink too much.
Écoute, allons juste boire quelques verres.
Well, look, let's just have a few drinks.
On va juste boire cette bouteille.
We'll just have this... one bottle.
On pourrait boire avec cet argent.
We could afford to drink with that money.
Comment peux-tu boire autant d'energy drinks.
I don't understand how you can drink so many energy drinks.
Tous les vampires doivent boire leur ration.
All vampires must drink their rations, Miss Mazurski.
Allons boire et endormir nos sentiments.
Let's go drink till we can't feel feelings any more.
Il a dû préférer boire ses condoléances.
I think Toot prefer to drink their condolences to the dead.
Jamais vu un vieux boire autant.
I have never seen an old man drink so much.
Devez boire beaucoup infusion spéciale Dr Yang.
Must drink lots of Dr Yang's special herbal tea.
Je veux juste prendre quelque chose à boire.
I'll be out of your way. I'm just getting something to drink.
Je peux plus boire du whisky comme avant.
You know, I just - I can't drink whiskey like I used to could.
Mais je pourrai seulement boire du transparent.
But if I do, I can only drink clear liquids.
Faut être membre pour boire ici.
You got to be a member to drink here.
Tommy ne force personne à boire.
Tommy's not forcing anybody to drink here.
Personne ne devait boire de la source.
I thought no one was supposed to drink from the spring.
Pensez à boire abondamment pendant le traitement par Ciprofloxacine Bayer.
Remember to drink plenty of fluids while you are taking Ciprofloxacin Bayer.
Fais-le boire. Il doit boire.
Make him drink... he must drink.
A boire, à boire, à boire, à boire.
Drink. Drink, drink, drink, drink.
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