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Translation of "bosse" in English


Découvrez comment utiliser cette fonction après la bosse.
Find out how to use this feature after the bump.
Généralement une bosse sur la nuque.
Generally there is a bump on the nape.
Le segment proximal de la couche en bosse a un diamètre externe inférieur au diamètre externe de la section bosse de la couche en bosse.
The proximal segment of the bump layer has an outer diameter which is less than the outer diameter of the bump section of the bump layer.
Autrement dit: mou, bosse, mou, bosse.
Or, in other words: smooth, bump, smooth, bump.
Un poil incarné est un poil qui pousse en direction du follicule pileux, ce qui crée souvent une petite bosse (également appelée « bosse de rasage »).
An ingrown hair has curled backwards growing towards the follicle, often creating a small bump (also known as a razor bump).
On bosse ensemble depuis 2 ans.
Not like we haven't been working together for two years now.
Il voudrait qu'on bosse ensemble.
He now has this idea that we should work together.
Elle bosse actuellement au Blush Escorts.
She's currently employed at a place called Blush Escorts.
Jason aussi bosse au centre commercial.
'Jason also got a job in the shopping centre.
Désolé, appelez-moi Tony si on bosse ensemble.
Sorry, and please, it's Tony, if we're going to work together.
Il faut que je bosse plus.
I just have to start doing more for myself, you know.
Un patient de Marie bosse au Journal.
One of Marie's patients works at the Journal.
Tout va s'arranger si on bosse bien.
I believe it'll all work out in the end if we do a good job.
Il bosse pour les Affaires étrangères.
I don't know the other guy, though.
Ronge ton frein et bosse avec moi.
You might as well bite the bullet and work with me on this one.
Pourtant je bosse sur ma sensibilité.
'Cause I've been working on my sensitivity.
Lmpossible, je bosse seul ici.
Impossible. I'm the only one that works here.
On bosse pas pour moins de 150000 $.
Well, lady, we don't get out of bed for anything less than $150,000.
Je bosse là-dessus depuis des années.
I've been working on this for years, T.C.
Je bosse toujours sur cette question.
I'm still working on that part, boss.
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