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Translation of "bouscule pas" in English

don't rush
can't rush
not rush
Don't crowd
Don't bump
don't push
not rushing
can't push
don't hurry
Don't shove
Don't shake
Vlad, ne me bouscule pas.
Vlad, do not rush me.
D'accord, je ne te bouscule pas.
All right. I don't mean to be pushy.
Ne me bouscule pas, mon gars.
Don't rush me, brother.
On bouscule pas mon fils comme ça.
You can't push my kid around like that.
On ne bouscule pas un génie.
You can't rush a genius.
On ne se bouscule pas pour ce poste.
It makes for a lack of candidates for the job.
Ne me bouscule pas, je te préviens.
I'm warning you, I don't have the patience.
Ne le bouscule pas comme ça.
You can't push him like that.
Ça ne se bouscule pas au portillon.
It's not like they're beating down the door.
Ne me bouscule pas, Sam.
Now don't hurry me, Sam.
Alors, me bouscule pas comme eux.
Then stop pushing like you're one of them.
Ne me bouscule pas, vieux.
Don't rush me, boy.
Fais attention, le bouscule pas.
Watch it. Careful with the boy.
On ne se bouscule pas pour acheter des billets.
Well, I haven't noticed a big demand for tickets or anything.
Ne me bouscule pas avec ta maquette.
Don't shove me with your mock-up.
Le bouscule pas trop, ça le vexerait.
Don't push him too hard. He'd take offense.
Ne me bouscule pas, Walt.
Don't rush me, walt.
Ne me bouscule pas, mon coeur.
Don't rush me, dear heart.
Ne bouscule pas M. Kelly.
Easy on Mr. Kelly, now.
Ne me bouscule pas, s'il te plaît.
Don't rush me, please.
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