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Translation of "c'est ça" in English


Je suis sûre que c'est ça.
I'm sure that's it.
Irrégularités régulières, c'est ça.
Regular irregularities, that's it.
Ebenezer Scrooge, c'est ça.
Ebenezer Scrooge. That's right... in handcuffs two weeks from now...
Votre livre, c'est ça.
Your book, that's right.
Un nouveau départ, c'est ça.
Clean break. That's right.
Oui, c'est ça, mesdames.
Up! Yes, that's right, ladies.
Très bien, c'est ça.
Very good. That's it.
Et nous filons, c'est ça.
Then we jump out. That's it.
Docteur Petirie? Virginia Chambers, oui c'est ça.
Doctor Virginia Chambers, yes that's right.
Et c'est ça ta récompense.
And that's it's own reward.
Oui, c'est ça, enfin...
Yes, that's right, well...
Tu as menti, c'est ça.
You lied, that's right.
Les pompiers, c'est ça.
The fire department, that's right.
Un, c'est ça, c'est ça.
One, that's it, that's it. Good, good, good.
Greytech... c'est ça, c'est ça.
Greytech... that's it. That's it.
Car c'est ça, le problème.
I mean, that's what this is all about, right? - No.
Je vais devenir folle si c'est ça.
I'm going to lose my mind if he doesn't hurry and grow up.
Et c'est ça, mon travail: mettre fin à leur malheur.
If one of them comes to me, it means they're both miserable, and that's my job, putting people out of their misery.
Sa vie c'est ça, maintenant.
Look, you do something long enough, eventually you start to like it.
Oui, si c'est ça.
DAVIS: Well, sure, if it looks anything like this.
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