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Translation of "cadavre" in English


Je trimballe un cadavre sur un parking.
I'm just... lugging a corpse through a parking lot.
Tu peux au moins applaudir le cadavre.
The least you can do is three cheers for the corpse.
Nous devrons attendre le prochain cadavre.
Now we have to wait for the next body.
Le cadavre a stoppé la pousse.
Now, these plants stopped growing the day the body covered them.
Julian offre mille guinées pour un cadavre.
Julian is offering 1,000 guineas for a dead body.
C'est certainement un cadavre, fiston.
No, that's probably just a dead body, son.
Pour l'instant, il faut trouver le cadavre qu'il a déterré.
I don't know, but more important than that right now is we need to find the body he exhumed and make sure it's contained.
Vous examinerez son cadavre, major.
You can run tests on her corpse, Major.
On cherche un cadavre correspondant à cette description.
We need to be informed of any corpse that matches that description.
Téléportez le cadavre directement à l'infirmerie.
Beam the body on deck 12 directly to sickbay.
Être le troisième cadavre m'embêterait beaucoup.
Becoming the third corpse would really bust my balls.
Refilons le cadavre aux Crimes organisés.
Let us take the corpse back to the Organized Crimes.
Appelle-moi quand tu auras son cadavre.
Just call me when you got a corpse.
Nous avons trouvé le cadavre d'un vieil homme.
We found the body of an old man! Dead. Apart from that, there's nothing here.
Tu pourrais pas surprendre un cadavre.
You couldn't sneak up on a corpse.
Quiconque connaîtra le monde trouvera un cadavre.
Whoever comes to know the world, shall find a corpse.
Le cadavre portait des chaussures rouges.
Even I noticed the body wore red shoes.
Mais un cadavre nous intéresserait aussi.
Although any dead body would be of interest to us.
L'identité du cadavre reste à confirmer.
'The identity of the body is still to be confirmed.
Mais le cadavre de Jessica... a disparu.
We would, but when we went to exhume Jessica's body... it was gone.
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