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Translation of "camp" in English


Choisir son camp ou la conformité.
To choose a side or to walk the line.
Choisissez le meilleur camp pour votre peuple.
Bellamy... Choose the side that's best for your people.
Des bénévoles vous mèneront vers votre camp.
Red Cross volunteers will direct you to your campsite.
Des bénévoles vous dirigeront vers votre camp.
Red Cross volunteers will direct you to your campsite.
Son génie est dans notre camp.
Well, at least now his brilliant mind's on our side.
Vous devriez choisir votre camp Cpt.
You better choose which side you're on, captain.
Mais on ne sait plus dans quel camp tu es.
Nobody knows which side you're on anymore, which is precisely why I am going to the sisters tomorrow.
Aide-nous à dominer l'autre camp.
Help us dominate the other side, Lord.
Breivik se considère, lui, comme un guerrier du camp adverse.
Breivik is, in his own mind, a warrior for the other side.
Le Parlement européen montre bien ici dans quel camp il se range.
The European Parliament is clearly showing here whose side it is on.
Demain, tout le monde pourra choisir son camp.
Tomorrow everyone can decide which side they are on.
Ils se trouvaient dans le mauvais camp politique.
They were not on the right political side.
Il est dans le camp adverse.
He's on the other side.
Désolé Taylor, mais j'attendais que la chance change de camp.
Sorry, Taylor, but I've been waiting for my chance to switch to the winning side.
Je suis dans l'autre camp.
I'm on the other side.
Le Dr Woods a choisi son camp.
Dr. Woods has chosen her side.
L'opposition vient également de l'autre camp.
There was opposition to the franchise on the other side, as well.
Il y avait le camp communiste et le camp démocrate.
They had the communist side and the democratic side.
Il y a le camp d'Adrian, et il y a le camp d'Amy, et nous n'avons pas de camp.
There's Adrian's side, and there's Amy's side, and we don't have a side.
Pourquoi voulez-vous fixer des préalables à un camp et garder un mutisme total quand il s'agit de l'autre camp? , a-t-il lancé.
"Why do you want to set preconditions on one side and keep total silence regarding the other side?" he asked.
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