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Translation of "ce que" in English


de ce que +10k
ce que ça +10k
Cela dépend de ce que vous commander.
Well, that depends on what you order, and how heavy it is.
Mais voyons ce que nous en savons.
But, let's see what we can infer from the little data available.
Il prendra ce que Chinook attrapera.
He's going to take whatever Chinook catches.
Châteauneuf, apporte-moi ce que tu lis.
Châteauneuf, bring to me whatever you are reading.
C'est ce que ressentait Roscuro.
Well, that's how Roscuro came to feel about who he was.
Je sais ce que vous pensez.
And I had to speak with you. I know how it sounds.
Transparent pour trouver facilement ce que vous cherchez.
Transparent; makes it easy to find what you're looking for.
Peu importe ce que je ressens maintenant.
But it's not about what's going on inside of me right now.
Voyons ce que cachent ces cicatrices...
Let's see what's behind these scars.
Pensez à ce que ça peut représenter.
You don't know what this can mean, David, to all of us.
Voyons ce que les enfants fabriquent.
Let's see what the kids are up to.
Je sais ce que tu voulais dire.
I know what you meant. I'll stop by tomorrow and see him.
Ça ressemble à ce que fait Jude.
That looks a little too much like what came out of Jude today. Heh.
Faites ce que demande le lieutenant.
It's all right, Cosner. Do whatever the Lieutenant wants.
J'ignore ce que vous voulez, mais laissez-moi.
I don't know what you want or why you've been lying to me, but stay away.
Je ressentais ce que ressentaient les gens.
You know, I would feel what the people were feeling.
J'aimerais t'expliquer ce que je fais.
I'd love to sit down with you, tell you what I'm doing over here.
Elles se demandaient ce que je te donnais.
Like I had no idea what I was doing, the way those women looked at me.
Bertha demande ce que tu veux dîner.
Bertha wants to know what you'd like... to have for dinner tonight.
Gardez bien pour vous ce que vous écrivez.
Careful not to let anyone else see what you write, because that's your business.
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de ce que +10k
ce que ça +10k

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