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Translation of "ce sera" in English


Allez, ce sera tellement amusant.
Come on, it will be so much fun.
Apparemment, ce sera un conservateur ou personne.
Apparently, it will be a Conservative or no one.
Jessie a vraiment cette allergie, ce sera complètement légitime.
No. Jessie does have the allergy, so, if anyone checks, it'll be completely legit.
Publie-le, ce sera un best-seller.
Publish it, it'll be a best-seller.
Mesdames, ce sera une merveilleuse excursion.
Ladies, this will be a most magnificent outing.
Crois-moi, ce sera encore mieux.
Trust me, this will be even better.
Je sais que ce sera dur.
I know it'll be hard for you when I'm gone.
Au début, ce sera difficile.
At the beginning, it will be difficult.
0u ce sera votre dernière visite.
Or it'll be the last visit you ever make.
Demain, ce sera plus facile.
Once we get the hang of it, it'll be easier.
Mais ce sera terminé mercredi après-midi.
It will be finished about Wednesday lunchtime or just after.
Mais ce sera spectaculaire et public.
But it'll be big and out in the open, sir.
Mais ce sera dangereux, toute seule.
But it'll be dangerous going after Slim all by yourself.
La prochaine fois, ce sera au tribunal.
Well, next time you do see her, it'll be in a court.
Quand tu sortiras, ce sera pour tuer ou être tué.
I know I can't sleep at night, that when you go out, it'll be to kill or be killed.
Et ce sera plus merveilleux encore.
And it's going to be so much more wonderful now.
Venez demain, ce sera prêt.
You come by tomorrow, I'll have it for you then.
Dorénavant, ce sera notre chanson.
From now on, this'll be our song.
Moins vous bougez, plus ce sera détaillé.
The less distortion there is, the more detail we'll be able to see.
Alors, ce sera carpaccio ananas-coriandre pour deux.
I guess, that's Pineapple Coreander Carpaccio for two, only.
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