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Translation of "chaque jour" in English


Une nouvelle question historique sera posée chaque jour.
Every day, a new history question will be posted.
Je porte un costume chaque jour au travail.
You know, it's like, I wear a suit to work every day.
Je prends mon traitement chaque jour.
I'm taking my medication every single day, I am.
Elle remercie le Seigneur chaque jour.
She gives total thanks to the Lord every single day.
Il appelle chaque jour depuis l'accident.
He's been calling every day since the accident.
Voir ce placard chaque jour me mine.
The sight of this closet every day just brings me down.
Je le massais chaque jour pendant une demi-heure...
And I rubbed it for a half hour every day and I've got those...
On devrait avoir ça chaque jour.
We should have packages like this every day.
J'adorerai en entendre parler chaque jour.
I would definitely hear about it every single day.
Tu devras t'entrainer chaque jour.
You'll have to work at it every day.
Ils devraient remercier Dieu chaque jour.
I think he has to thank heavens every day.
On allait bosser ensemble chaque jour.
Used to go to work together every day.
Le système détecte en moyenne 60 événements sismiques chaque jour.
The system detects on an average some 60 seismic events every day.
200 infirmières m'invitent chaque jour.
I get asked out by 200 nurses every day.
Je travaillerais chaque jour gratuitement pour rembourser.
I'd work every day for free till it was paid off.
Mais chaque jour, son assassin s'éloigne.
Look, every day, the trail to my son's killer gets a little bit colder.
L'hiver approche et chaque jour compte.
The winter is almost here and, from now on, every day counts.
On reçoit chaque jour énormément d'informations.
We have a huge amount of intel every day.
Ton fils vit chaque jour comme le dernier.
You've got this son who lives every day of his life to the fullest.
Je ressens la peine chaque jour.
I... I feel the pain of that every day.
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