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Translation of "choisir" in English


Tu dois choisir, mais rapidement.
You have to choose, but do it quickly.
Vous devez choisir un sujet pour vos comptes-rendus.
You need to choose a subject for your book report.
Il suffit de choisir les 50 meilleurs.
All you have to do is to select 50 capable men out of them.
Nous allons choisir nos propres avions.
We are going to pick our own planes.
Chacun devrait pouvoir choisir son nom.
You should get to pick your own name.
Laissons-le choisir qui il veut et avançons.
We should let him choose whoever he wants and move on.
On doit juste choisir 3 ingrédients.
All we have to do is pick three ingredients.
Tu peux choisir une vie différente.
You can choose a different life for yourself.
Je devrais choisir attentivement ma peinture.
Then I should choose my paint more carefully.
Les déshérités doivent pouvoir eux-mêmes choisir comment améliorer leurs revenus.
The poor needed to be able to choose for themselves how to improve their income.
Laisse-moi en choisir un pour toi.
Well, let me pick one out for you.
Laissez-lui le temps de choisir ses plaisirs.
Give him a chance to choose his own pleasures.
Vous devez choisir comment l'accepter.
Just as you must choose how it is received.
Bien, peut-être aimerais-tu choisir quelques choristes.
Well, maybe you'd like to choose a couple backup singers.
Rilke. Vous pourriez choisir Schiller.
Rilke, I mean you could at least choose Schiller.
C'est à nous de choisir un remplaçant.
Actually, Judge, I think it's up to us to pick a substitute.
Certains aimeraient choisir pour vous, madame.
There are those who would choose it for you, madam.
Je suis supposée choisir où aller.
I'm supposed to pick where I want to go.
Je dois choisir un donneur maintenant.
I have to pick a donor, right now.
Peut-être peut-on choisir quelle information transférer.
Maybe there's a way of choosing what information gets downloaded.
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