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Translation of "cicatrice" in English



Cole doit avoir une cicatrice similaire.
A similar scar should also be evident on Augustus Cole.
Cette petite cicatrice faite en tombant de balançoire.
You know, this... this little scar from when she fell off a swing.
C'est le marquer d'une cicatrice modèle d'aiguilles de la couturière.
That's the model scarring of seamstress needles.
Cette cicatrice est probablement la cause de vos convulsions.
This scarring is likely causing you to have seizures.
Tu risques d'avoir une cicatrice.
Looks like it's going to leave a scar.
Une cicatrice lui enlève son côté romantique.
For a woman, a scar, well, that's not so romantic.
Cherchez une cicatrice sur sa main.
See if there's a scar on her hand.
Et j'aurai une super cicatrice.
Plus, it'll give me a really groovy scar.
J'espérais avoir une cicatrice virile.
I was kind of hoping for a manly scar.
Qui cache la cicatrice de ma césarienne.
The ones that hide the scar from my C-section.
Trouvons l'homme à la cicatrice.
All right, let's bring in our guy with the scar.
Ça laisse une cicatrice trop troublante.
This leaves a scar that many of us find very unsettling.
La large cicatrice lui restera toujours.
The large scar will always remain with her.
Petite cicatrice sur la joue droite.
Small scar on the right jaw line.
Comment tu savais pour la cicatrice ?
How did you know about the scar?
Il a une cicatrice à la tête...
There's a scar on the side of his head.
Mais tu m'as laissé une cicatrice.
But you did really scar me.
J'ai vu la cicatrice sur son visage.
I saw the scar on her face.
J'ai reconnu la cicatrice à son poignet.
I recognized the scar on his wrist.
Mais j'aurais une cicatrice à vie.
But I'll have a scar the rest of my life.
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