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Translation of "combat" in English


Un combat interne sur l'armée.
A fight in our party over the military.
La Couronne a chorégraphié ce combat selon son scénario.
The Crown is staging this fight according to his own script.
Boogulroo me défie en combat singulier.
Boogulroo has just challenged me to personal combat.
Il faisait un entraînement au combat.
They were doing some kind of combat exercise.
Mais nous irons cependant au combat.
But we will meet them in battle nonetheless.
Seul un combat décisif en décidera.
This had decided in one day, a final battle.
Vous apporterez le Vesta au combat.
You will bring the Vesta into the fight.
Pacquiao regarde l'arbitre pour qu'il arrête le combat.
How many clean head shots can one man take? Pacquiao looking towards the ref asking him to stop the fight.
Votre combat contre la corruption et l'injustice continue.
Your fight against the corruption that destroyed our dream for justice goes on.
Souviens-toi, trouve le rythme du combat.
Now remember, find the flow of the fight and try to control it.
Je veux te tuer dans un combat loyal.
I want to be known as the man who killed Xena in a fair fight.
Et nous voilà au dernier combat de sélection.
ANNOUNCER: Now we have our final fight in our elimination tournament.
Le premier combat de la demi-finale.
ANNOUNCER: The first fight of the semifinal.
Messieurs... combat loyal et propre.
Fighters. I want a nice clean fight now.
C'est pour nos troupes qui partent au combat.
This is the one we've designed... to play to our own troops before going into combat.
Je serai revenue avant le combat.
Well, then I guess I'll be back before the fight.
Pour être près du combat, pas le survoler.
'Cause I want to be on the ground, in the fight, not flying over it.
Arrêtez le combat et laissez-moi voir mon partenaire.
Call off the fight and let me have my partner.
Samson, ce combat était fabuleux.
Samson, that fight was a real honey.
Un combat de pieds comme autrefois.
A foot fight, just like the old days.
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