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Translation of "comme témoin" in English

as a witness as witness as witnesses
to testify
as a control
for best man
as the best man
be his best man
as control
as your best man
as his best man
as my best man
as a material witness


Ils doivent l'utiliser comme témoin.
They must be using him as a witness.
Patty va le soumettre comme témoin.
Patty's going to submit him as a witness.
Je signerai comme témoin de la banque.
I will sign as witness from the private members' bank.
Voulez-vous signer comme témoin, inspecteur ?
And your signature, Inspector, as witness.
Leur protection étant insuffisante, beaucoup redoutent d'apparaître comme témoin.
But their protection was not adequate and therefore many girls were scared of appearing as witnesses.
Un médecin se compromet quand on l'embauche comme témoin.
We lose integrity as witnesses for hire.
Amenez-Ie au commissariat et détenez-Ie comme témoin.
Take him to the police station and hold him as a witness.
Il doit comparaître comme témoin devant la défense.
He has to appear as a witness for the defense.
Ils veulent t'entendre comme témoin.
They need you to come with them as a witness.
Monsieur Balfe, il s'agissait de vous entendre comme témoin.
Mr Balfe, I was referring to when you gave evidence as a witness.
Abdel-Al a été entendu comme témoin puis comme suspect par la Commission.
Abdel-Al was interviewed as a witness and later as a suspect by the Commission.
Je vous ai cité comme témoin.
I added you as a witness.
J'appelle Simon Gilbert comme témoin.
I call Simon Gilbert as a witness.
C'est très gentil de votre part d'être venue comme témoin.
You know, it was nice of you to come down as a witness.
Puis un couple, avec une femme comme témoin.
Then a couple, leaving the wife as a witness.
Voilà pourquoi je suis venue offrir mes services pour l'appel, comme témoin.
Which is why I've come to offer my services for the appeal, as a witness.
Et faire comparaître l'officier Trubshawe comme témoin. Entendu.
I subpoena Flying Officer Trubshaw as a witness.
Je suis venue m'offrir comme témoin.
I've come to offer my services as a witness.
J'appelle Mile Claiborne comme témoin pour la cour.
I call Miss Claiborne as a witness for the court.
Signé par vous avec votre frère comme témoin.
Signed by you with your brother as witness.
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