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Translation of "commencer" in English

get started
begin with
start off
kick off
make a start
start out
lead off
set out
enter upon
first young


Les travaux doivent commencer en avril/mai 2009.
The works are expected to start in April/May 2009.
J'entends commencer ces négociations dès que possible.
My intention is to start these negotiations as soon as possible.
Nous pouvons commencer à reconnaître la situation ici.
We can begin to recognize what the situation is here.
Je devrais rentrer au vaisseau commencer l'analyse.
I should return to the ship and begin my analysis.
Cette formation peut commencer dès 16 ans.
This training can commence from the age of 16.
Les travaux devraient commencer sous peu.
Work is due to commence in the near future.
Je vais commencer par ces trois aspects.
I shall begin by referring to these three aspects.
Vous devriez commencer à rassembler ses affaires.
You should probably start gathering some of her things.
Amador veut commencer dans 10 minutes.
Amador wants to start in the next ten minutes.
Ce serait honteux de commencer maintenant.
It would be a shame to start that now.
J'aimerais commencer par des hourras.
I'd like to begin with a cheer.
Je pensais commencer tout de suite.
I was thinking maybe I could start right about now.
Laisse moi commencer avec des excuses.
Polly. Let me begin with an apology.
Vous pouvez commencer par dire oui.
Well, you can start by saying yes.
J'aimerais commencer avec le module.
I'd like to start with the module.
Ils peuvent commencer les réparations sans nous.
I'm sure they can start repairs without us.
Tu pourrais commencer par m'appeler Carter.
Well, you could start by calling me Carter.
Voyez-vous, je veux commencer une collection.
You see, Mr. Folger, I want to start a collection.
Tu pourrais peut-être commencer un nouveau tableau.
You know, maybe you could start a new painting soon.
Vous devriez commencer à prendre des jours.
Perhaps you should start taking that time right now.
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