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Translation of "compliquer la vie" in English

complicate things
make it hard
complicate your life
complicate my life
complicate life
make my life
make life difficult
complicate his life
complicate the lives
make this real easy
make life more difficult
this aggravation
complicate their lives
complicate it
make things difficult


Ce gouvernement aime se compliquer la vie.
This government just loves to complicate things.
Pour nous compliquer la vie, Nintendo n'a pas utilisé des vis ordinaires.
To complicate things, Nintendo used unusual screws.
Je ne t'appelais pas pour ne pas te compliquer la vie.
That's why I didn't wan't to call you, so as not to complicate your life.
Et pas question de vous compliquer la vie.
And you don't want to complicate your life.
Ce que je voulais, c'était ne plus compliquer la vie.
What I wanted was to not complicate your life anymore.
Mais je comprends ceci- Si vous voulez vous compliquer la vie, faites-le pour de bonnes raisons.
But I understand this - if you're going to complicate your life, do it for the right reasons.
Qui cherche à se compliquer la vie...
Right, I mean, who's looking to make life any more complicated...
J'ai hâte de voir comment ça va me compliquer la vie.
I look forward to seeing how this empowers you to make my life more difficult.
Cassie, en général, passer des examens ne fait que compliquer la vie.
Cassie, passing exams generally only makes life more complicated.
Arrête de te compliquer la vie.
Stop making things so hard for yourself.
Tu savais pertinemment que tu allais me compliquer la vie.
There is politics involved in this, and you knew it would make me unhappy.
Je crains de ne pas pouvoir te laisser continuer à me compliquer la vie.
I'm afraid I can't allow you to be such a complication in my life any longer.
Ils semblent s'efforcer à compliquer la vie des jeunes femmes.
All they seem to do is make it more difficult for young women to get about.
Elle fait tout pour nous compliquer la vie.
She's done everything she could to make things difficult for us.
Vous venez de compliquer la vie de vos collègues.
You have screwed things for your people, my friend.
Je pourrais te compliquer la vie.
Think about how difficult I could make things for you.
Je veux pas te compliquer la vie.
I don't want to make your life more difficult.
C'est facile de se compliquer la vie.
It's not difficult to make each other's lives more complicated, Clara.
Merci de me compliquer la vie.
Ça pourrait nous compliquer la vie.
Well, that could make life quite difficult.
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