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Translation of "comprends" in English


Écoutez, je comprends votre inquiétude.
Okay, look, I understand your concern.
Je comprends que vous soyez malheureuse là-bas.
So I also understand why you might be unhappy there.
Mais je comprends tout, maintenant.
So you tell me, I know better now.
Je comprends que toutes nos pensées sont avec Hotch.
And find a connection we can use. I understand that all of our thoughts are with hotch.
Je comprends que vous me mentiez.
I understand you lying to me. I do.
Je comprends ce silence dont tu parles.
I understand what you mean with the stage room's silence.
Je comprends votre préoccupation, ma famille est superstitieuse.
I understand your cause of concern... but my family is superstitious, too.
Je comprends que vous soyez révoltée.
I understand how upsetting this must be for you.
Je comprends ce que Vargas veut accomplir.
I understand a little of what Vargas is trying to achieve.
Et je comprends votre situation actuelle.
And I understand the situation that you're in.
Vraiment je ne vous comprends pas.
I really don't understand you at all.
Tu ne comprends pas notre espèce.
You don't understand the species very well, Doctor.
Je ne comprends plus cette langue africaine.
I don't understand that African talk no more.
Je comprends que vous vouliez la protéger.
So I understand what you did to protect her.
Je comprends que je dois vous choquer.
I understand that I must be shocking to you.
Maintenant je comprends pourquoi les paroissiens s'en plaignent.
Now I understand why all the prisoners are complaining about him.
Je comprends, mais vous devez reculer.
Sir, I understand, but you need to step back.
Je comprends pourquoi tu penses ça.
I understand why you might feel that way.
Je comprends parfaitement ce que vous endurez.
I fully understand what you are all going through.
Je comprends maintenant pourquoi Tigre est parti.
Now I understand why Big Brother had to leave.
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