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Translation of "contenter" in English


Il semble que nous allons nous contenter de remettre un chèque, point final.
It looks as if we are just going to hand over a cheque and that will be the end of it.
Crois-moi, il va plus se contenter des gangsters et autres dealers.
And everything suggests that it won't be just gangsters and drug lords he'll hit.
Faudra vous contenter d'une locale.
So you'll have to settle for a local.
Que je préfère mourir plutôt que de m'en contenter.
I'd rather be dead than settle for what I've got.
Il faudra se contenter de se protéger mutuellement.
Then I guess we'll just have to look out for each other.
Normalement, je devrais me contenter de quelqu'un comme lui.
Normally, I'd have to settle for someone like him.
Je vais me contenter de prendre la seule chose qui m'appartienne ici.
I'll just take this. It's the only thing around here that belongs to me.
Tu devras te contenter de ça.
You'll have to settle for sand.
Vous devrez vous contenter de cette pièce.
You will have to settle for this piece.
On devrait se contenter d'être amis.
I think we should just be friends.
En attendant, je vais me contenter de cette rubrique.
For now, I'll settle for this column.
Et sans université réputée, tu devras te contenter d'un travail médiocre.
You don't get into a top-tier school, maybe you got to settle for a second-rate job.
Je ne pouvais me contenter de simples remerciements.
I couldn't reduce it to a few simple phrases and thank-yous.
Vous pourriez vous contenter de la regarder.
Why, you should thank me for the privilege of simply looking at it.
Freddi, tu devras te contenter d'eau tiède.
Freddi, my pet, you'll have to go to bed with half a lukewarm water bottle.
Pour l'instant. je devrais me contenter de Grace Tarking.
I'd be tracking wild elephants and rhinos, but for now, I'd have to make do with Grace Tarking.
Il faut donc se contenter des meilleures statistiques disponibles.
We therefore have to be satisfied with the best statistics available.
J'ai travaillé dur pour contenter le public.
And I've worked hard to give the audience what they want.
On devrait se contenter d'apprécier notre Thanksgiving.
I think we should all just enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner.
Je vais devoir me contenter de vous.
I guess I just have to make lemonade out of the two of you.
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