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Translation of "costume" in English


Tu ne balancerais jamais un costume.
You would never throw away a man's suit.
Je regrette de porter mon costume préféré.
Wish I hadn't been wearing my favourite suit.
Votre costume d'Halloween est vraiment parfait.
Yes. Yes, Halloween costume turned out perfect.
Donnez-moi le costume de Madame Barelli immédiatement.
Agnes! Give me Madame Barelli's costume right away.
Je suis en costume tout la journée.
Because I'm stuck in a suit all day or an office or a courtroom.
Je porte un costume chaque jour au travail.
You know, it's like, I wear a suit to work every day.
Je devais faire nettoyer mon costume.
I needed to get my suit dry cleaned anyway.
Je cherche un gars en costume.
I'm looking for a guy in a suit.
Cet homme portait un costume gabardine marron clair.
This man was wearing a light tan gabardine suit when last seen.
Ça sent l'homme au costume.
This has "Man In The Suit" written all over it.
Donne-lui ce costume et prends le brocoli.
Let's switch this suit and get the broccoli.
On devrait, je veux porter ce costume.
I think we should do it, because I want to wear this costume out.
Je porte pas de costume pour sortir.
Dude, I'm not wearing a suit for a night out on the town.
Mon costume détruira peut-être pas le décor.
Maybe then my costume won't destroy the entire set.
J'aimerais un costume dans ce tissu.
In that case, I'd like to have a suit in this fabric.
Je porte toujours le costume de hamburger.
You know, I wear the burger costume all the time.
Tu vas mettre ton costume marin.
Stewie, let's get your sailor suit.
Allongez-vous, j'enfile mon costume de Spiderman.
So just lie back and I'll slip into my Spiderman costume.
Mettez votre costume et essayons quelques rounds.
Put on the suit. Let's go a few rounds.
Vous voyez pourquoi elle doit porter ce costume.
Now you can see the reason for the costume this young lady is forced to wear.
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