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Translation of "coule" in English

flow runs sinking sink cast poured goes down dripping drip
go down
goes under


coulé 3700
Elle est restée plantée à attendre que l'essence magique coule.
She just stood there, apparently waiting for the magic gas to flow.
Ces poches d'eau, expliqueraient comment la glace coule.
These water pockets may help explain how ice can flow.
Sa malignité coule dans vos veines.
It's his evil that runs through your veins.
Notre élixir visqueux coule dans vos veines.
Our vile, thick elixir runs through your veins.
Aussi sûr que mon sang coule dans tes veines, tu me reviendras.
Just as sure as my blood runs in your veins, you will return to me.
Le chocolat coule dans le cube... et des balles.
Chocolate runs in the cube... and balls.
J'ai découvert que le sang guerrier coule dans mes veines.
I discovered that warrior's blood runs through my veins.
Tant qu'elle coule, tu vas bien.
Okay, as long as the shower's runnin', then you're all right.
Sans toi, le cabinet coule.
Without you, that whole place goes down the drain.
La poubelle coule dans tes chaussures.
You have garbage water leaking into your shoes.
L'antimatière coule dans le réacteur.
Antimatter is starting to seep into the warp core.
J'adorerais mais ma douche coule.
I would love to, but my shower is running.
Le capitaine coule avec son bateau.
A captain always goes down with his ship.
Votre vaisseau coule dans l'atmosphère.
Now your vessel is sinking deeper into the atmosphere.
Mais grâce aux implants, personne ne coule.
Good news is, because of the implants... nobody drowns. Ha, ha.
Cette combinaison de nutriments rend les coule...
This combination of nutrients makes the bright color and makes it look healthier...
Alors seulement le magnétisme coule doucement du guérisseur au patient.
Then only the magnetism flows from the healer to the patients smoothly.
Toutefois, l'efficacité optimale ne coule pas obligatoirement de source.
But optimum efficiency does not necessarily come about of its own accord.
C'était prévu qu'il coule.
He was supposed to go in the water, Vinnie.
Quittons le bateau, il coule.
Come on, everyone off the boat. It's sinking.
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coulé 3700

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