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Translation of "courage" in English


Cela demande un certain courage politique.
It requires a certain amount of political courage.
Nous avons admiré votre courage hier.
We were in awe of your courage yesterday.
Nous n'oublierons jamais ton courage.
You will always be remembered for your bravery.
Ce courage, sauver Rosita, défendre Londres.
All that bravery, saving Rosita, defending London town.
Elle essaie de trouver le courage.
She's trying to build up the nerve.
Tout le comté louera votre courage.
The whole county will resound with your courage.
Acceptez cette récompense pour votre courage.
Accept this award as a token for your courage.
Mais votre grand courage m'impressionne.
But because you have great courage I admire that.
Vous avez montré un courage surhumain.
You've shown great courage, dear cousin.
Ce type de courage est incroyable.
That kind of courage is unbelievable to me.
Trouve le courage de m'affronter.
Have the courage to - To face me.
La crise saisonnière commence courage, Fedora.
His seasonal crisis has begun have courage, Fedora.
Le jeune soldat est récompensé pour son courage.
The young soldier is offered a prize for his courage.
Cela requiert courage, sagesse et volonté politique.
This cannot be the so without political will, wisdom and courage.
Il nous faut parfois trouver le courage.
For that we must find sometimes the courage for.
Trish, j'applaudis votre courage.
Trish, I want to applaud your courage.
Venons -en au courage parlementaire.
I should now like to turn to the issue of parliamentary courage.
C'est une parlementaire dotée de courage civique.
She is a Member of Parliament with the courage of her convictions.
Permettez-moi de souligner le courage du soldat Ouellet.
I would like to draw your attention to Private Ouellet's courage.
Littéralement 20 secondes d'un courage embarrassant.
Just, literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery.
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