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Translation of "couvert" in English


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Mais j'aime vraiment être couvert...
But I'd really like to know I'm covered...
Notre sol est couvert de poudre.
It looks like our floor is covered with powder, yes.
Le risque de crédit est mieux couvert par une diversification de crédits décorrélés.
Credit risk is best hedged through diversification across uncorrelated credits.
On a presque terminé le pont couvert.
We are this close to finishing that covered bridge.
Je pensais avoir couvert toute fuite éventuelle.
I don't understand it. I thought I'd covered every possible source.
Parce que je me suis réveillé couvert de sang.
'Cause when I woke up, I was covered in blood... and it wasn't mine.
Tu portes un pyjama couvert de nourriture.
You're wearing pajamas that are covered in food.
Ils sont couvert de produits chimiques.
They're, like, covered in chemicals.
Tout est couvert par notre garantie.
Just remember, everything is covered under a full service warranty.
Vous resterez couvert jusqu'à la réémission.
So you'll be covered until the new policies are issued.
Tu trouveras comment garder cela couvert.
You'll figure out how to keep that covered.
Akagi est couvert par le médecin-major.
Akagi is covered by the Chief Health Officer.
Alors je suis couvert de cerises.
[Lorne] So I am covered in cherries.
Il est complètement couvert de poussière.
I mean, he's completely covered in dirt.
Laisser infuser quelques minutes à couvert.
For a few minutes, let it infuse while covered.
En ville genoux et épaules devraient rester couvert.
To suit local behaviour, one should keep shoulders and knees covered.
Ils ont couvert pratiquement tous les points litigieux.
They have covered virtually all of the areas in contention.
Mais son visage était couvert de veines.
No. But his face was covered with veins.
Mais heureusement, vous seriez grassement couvert.
But fortunately, of course, you would be handsomely covered.
Le problème décrit ci-dessus apparaît comme trop vaste pour être entièrement couvert par une seule action COST.
The field of problems described above is considered as too wide for it to be covered completely by one COST project.
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couvert de 3400

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