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Translation of "crois" in English


crois-moi 6469
crois-tu 3543
Tu crois qu'elle est méchante...
I know you think she's evil, but...
Tu crois, qu'après ta conduite...
And do you think that after the way you've behaved...
Je n'y crois vraiment pas.
No, Morgan, I mean, I literally can't believe it.
C'est puissant, j'y crois vraiment.
It's strong stuff, Sydney, and I really, truly believe in it.
Même si je ne le crois pas coupable.
I want to check his file. However, you do know how I feel about him.
Tu crois que les blancs là-bas...
You think those white boys on that bridge...
J'ignore ce que tu crois...
I'm not really sure what you think is going on here.
Au contraire, je vous crois totalement.
On the contrary, I believe everything you say.
Tu crois rendre le monde meilleur.
You think you can make the world better.
Je le crois un député sincère.
I believe him to be a sincere member of Parliament.
Ne crois pas être payé pour ton travail.
Get out of here and don't think you're going to get paid for your work.
C'est pas comme tu le crois.
This place isn't like you think.
Bien que Pierce voudrait que tu le crois.
Much as Pierce would like you to believe that.
Monsieur le Président, je ne le crois pas.
Mr. Speaker, I do not think so.
Mais je n'y crois pas.
However, I don't believe it.
Moss, je ne vous crois pas suicidaire.
Moss, I do not think that you are suicidal.
Tu crois que les choses vont mal tourner.
You think things will turn out badly.
Ne crois jamais ce que te raconte Helena.
Don't believe anything Helena tells you.
Je le crois de tout mon cœur.
Absolutely. I believe it with my entire heart.
Tu crois que je peuxx finir comme elle.
You think I can end up like her.
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crois-moi 6469
crois-tu 3543

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