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Translation of "d'accord" in English


D'accord, d'accord, d'accord, d'accord.
Vous êtes d'accord, vous êtes d'accord.
You're okay, you're okay.
Rappelle-moi demain, d'accord ? OK.
Get back to me by tomorrow, all right, okay.
Écoute... d'accord, d'accord.
OK, d'accord, d'accord, d'accord.
D'accord, d'accord, d'accord.
D'accord, d'accord, d'accord.
La religion anglicane ou ces religions-là étaient d'accord.
The Anglican religion, or those religions, were in agreement.
Tu peux gagner, d'accord.
Look, you might very well win here, I admit that...
Là-dessus, on est d'accord.
Well, that's one thing you and I can agree on.
Nous, on est d'accord.
Normalement, je serais d'accord.
Well, normally, I'd agree with you.
On est tous d'accord là-dessus.
What's the matter? I'll push you right in the river.
Si vous voulez y aller, d'accord.
So if you boys would rather go there, it's all right with us.
Mettons-nous d'accord sur les horaires.
Then we just need to agree on the times.
Je suis d'accord pour y aller.
I don't know what that means, but I'll go along with you.
Dans ce cas, je serais d'accord.
Yes, I think in that situation, I'd be all right with it.
J'ai promis à Oliver. OK, d'accord.
When venturing out on your first blind date in a decade, it's crucial to have the right attitude.
La Cour suprême est d'accord si aucun enfant n'est maltraité.
Well, you may not like it... but the Supreme Court says it's cool, 'cause no real kids got hurt.
Je pensais que tu serais d'accord.
Well, I apologize, bruce. I didn't think you'd object.
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