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Translation of "dès" in English


des droits +10k
Vous aviez raison dès le début.
No, you were right from the beginning.
Mais je lui transmets le message dès que possible.
I'll see that he gets your message, and you'll hear from him in the morning.
Je vous ai aimée dès le premier regard.
I've been in love with you since the first time you looked at me.
C'était évident dès le début.
Well, it was obvious from the beginning.
Les précisions seront communiquées dès réception.
This clarification will be sent as soon as it is received.
Nous le ferons dès que possible.
It will be going as soon as we can.
Nous devons empêcher cela dès le début.
It is about preventing it from happening in the first place.
Les résultats finaux seront annoncés dès que possible.
Final results will be announced in full as soon as possible.
Un tel système est organisé dès achèvement.
Such a system becomes 'organized' upon achievement.
Je verrai ce minois dès mon réveil.
From now on, I get to wake up to this face every day.
Reconduisez-Ies chez eux dès que possible.
Drive them back to their home as soon as possible.
Nous apporterons plus d'informations dès que possible.
We'll bring you more details on the story as soon as we have them.
Veuillez accuser réception de cette communication dès sa réception.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this communication immediately after the same has reached you.
Ça a commencé dès qu'il est arrivé.
Well, they didn't waste a minute's time before they started in on him.
Donnez-moi des nouvelles dès que possible.
Give me updates as soon as you have them.
Charge les provisions dès la nuit.
Stow the provisions away on board as soon as it's dark.
Danko m'a harcelé dès mon arrivée.
Danko, he was in my face from the second I hit the ground.
Il faudrait enquêter dès que possible.
I'm thinking we should investigate sooner rather than later.
Nous devons évacuer dès que possible.
We're going to prepare to evacuate soon as possible.
J'emménagerai dans mon douaire dès son mariage.
I must move to the dower house as soon as he marries.
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des droits +10k

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