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Translation of "découvert" in English


Écoute, j'ai découvert comment elle fait.
Listen, Eve. I've discovered how she's doing it.
Un homme a découvert la vraie toilette...
There's a man who has discovered better bathing...
J'ai découvert sa disparition ce matin.
I found out this morning that he had disappeared.
Majesté, Élizabeth a découvert notre projet.
Majesty... Elizabeth has found out about the Enterprise.
Vous avez peut-être découvert une preuve importante.
You may have uncovered a key piece of evidence.
Votre gendre avait découvert quelque chose.
Your son-in-law uncovered something, but died before he could tell us.
Il a découvert une plante inconnue sur terre.
Who has discovered a new breed of plant unknown on this planet.
Nous avons découvert ensemble cette ville souterraine.
We were the ones that discovered this subterranean city.
J'ai découvert un complot contre vous.
I have discovered a plot against you by one of your own.
Il pense avoir découvert une perturbation paranormale.
He seems to believe that he has discovered a paranormal disturbance.
Le corps de Sir Charles Baskerville découvert a Dartmoor.
The body of Sir Charles Baskerville discovered on Dartmoor early today.
J'ai déjà découvert ton secret.
The secret you've been hiding, I've discovered it already.
J'ai découvert des choses amusantes.
Yes, I've discovered some rather amusing things during my researches.
Un génie qui a découvert une plante inconnue.
The genius who's discovered this amazing, unidentified plant.
Heather a découvert que Stafford a détourné des millions.
Heather found out that Stafford was embezzling millions from your company.
Les bobos l'ont pas découvert.
Hipsters haven't discovered it yet, it's underground.
Notre sous-marin a découvert un navire commercial.
Our submarine has discovered the hull of a trading ship.
Nous avons découvert deux motifs sonores identiques.
Understand? We've discovered two identical sound patterns.
La mère a sûrement tout découvert.
It was probably the mother who found out about it all.
J'avais découvert cela par moi-même.
I'd discovered these things all by myself.
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