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Translation of "de rien" in English

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you're welcome
for nothing
don't mention it
my pleasure
not at all
forget it
of anything of nothing a thing any of it
a clue
from zero
You got it
from scratch everything


de ne rien 2690
Alors, adieu et... de rien.
Well, so long, and you're welcome.
Je l'ai pas fait spécialement pour vous, mais de rien.
Well, I didn't necessarily do it for you, but you're welcome.
De rien, de rien, de rien.
Je fais sûrement une montagne de rien.
I'm sure I'm just making mountains out of molehills.
Je ne m'inquiète de rien.
As a matter of fact, I'm not worried about anything.
En bref, responsable de rien.
In other words, I have no responsibilities here whatsoever.
Vous ne l'avez inculpé de rien.
As far as I know, you haven't charged him with anything yet.
Partir sans plus te préoccuper de rien.
To leave no more than that to preoccupy you of nothing.
Pardon de rien avoir à donner...
I'm sorry I don't have any candy.
Heureusement, elle ne se souviendra de rien.
Well, luckily, like the rest of you, she won't remember a thing.
Elle va se pointer l'air de rien.
That's for sure. I mean, she just walks in here like it's nothing.
Nous n'y manquons de rien.
We have everything we need. I should talk to the priest.
Essaie de rien gâcher cette fois.
Okay, try not to ruin it this time.
Le Gouvernement Provisoire était incapable de rien.
The Provisional Government was unable to think anything through.
Elles ne se souviennent de rien.
So, being a doll, you do whatever.
On ne se souvient de rien.
We were drugged last night, we have no memory of what happened.
Elle ne se souvient de rien avant l'accident.
You can actually have drinks during the ceremony.
Personne n'est plus responsable de rien.
No one is responsible for anything any more.
En plus, Ruth ne se doute de rien.
And the best part is that Ruth won't be suspecting a thing.
Ils n'ont jamais manqué de rien.
I've always taken care of my kids.
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de ne rien 2690

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