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Translation of "depuis toujours" in English

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all along
ever since
for years
for a long time
since the beginning
for ages
from the beginning
whole life all my life entire life
whole time
Je suis sa carrière depuis toujours.
I've been following her career, like, forever.
Ils publient ce magazine depuis toujours.
They've Been Putting Out That Magazine Forever.
Elle est mon docteur depuis toujours.
I mean, she's been my doctor forever.
Ton amie Gina travaille ici depuis toujours.
Your friend Gina's been there forever, she'll never be sent away.
Y a une fille que j'aime depuis toujours.
There is this one girl that I've had a crush on forever.
Je rêve de ça depuis toujours.
I've been dreamin' this since forever.
Tu es celle que j'attends depuis toujours.
I'm sure you're the girl I've always thought about, waited for.
J'attends ce moment depuis toujours.
Jerry, I've been preparing for this moment my entire life.
Les Grecs en mangent depuis toujours.
Well, the Greeks have been doing it for thousands of years.
On entend cette histoire depuis toujours.
We have heard this story since we were kids.
Noël à Neptune sert depuis toujours de façade.
Christmas in Neptune is, was and always will be about the trappings.
Cet endroit est là depuis toujours.
To think that place has been there all these years.
Je prétends que tout est normal depuis toujours.
I've been pretending everything is normal my entire life.
Blandon travaille avec le gouvernement depuis toujours.
Blandon was working for the government the entire time.
Mes compatriotes se battent depuis toujours.
My countrymen have been fighting for as long as I can remember.
Je me bats contre la colère depuis toujours.
Anger's an emotion that I've struggled with for pretty much all my life.
Je connais Lizzie Borden depuis toujours.
I've known Lizzie Borden all my life.
Les policiers blancs envahissent notre quartier depuis toujours.
White police officers have been swarming... on our neighbourhood since day one.
Paul et moi sommes amis depuis toujours.
Why, Paul and I have always been friends.
Je vous croyais mariés depuis toujours.
I thought you two'd been married for donkey's years.
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