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Translation of "devant moi" in English


Marchez devant moi vers la lumière.
Walk in front of me toward the light.
Tu peux pleurer devant moi maintenant.
You can cry in front of me now papa.
Le monde entier se serait agenouillé devant moi.
The whole world would be on it's knees, before me...
3 Car je reconnais mes transgressions, Et mon péché est constamment devant moi.
3 For I acknowledge my transgressions, and my sin is continually before me.
Mais tu as fait tes preuves devant moi.
But you proved yourself to me.
Ne le défends pas devant moi, Alan.
Do not start defending him to me, Alan.
Je voyais leurs visages devant moi.
I would see their faces in front of me.
A condition que tu restes devant moi.
You care for a ride? - Long as you stay in front of me.
Ils allé tuer Leila devant moi.
They were going to murder leila in front of me.
Elle est facilement gênée devant moi.
She gets terribly self-conscious in front of me.
À savoir, ce misérable tacheté devant moi.
To wit, this poor, mottled wretch in front of me.
Dorénavant, je regarderai devant moi.
From now on. I'm only looking in front of me.
Une autre femme boitait devant moi.
Another woman in front of me was limping.
Mais ils seront tous devant moi.
But they'll all be in front of me.
J'ai quelques chiffres devant moi.
I have some figures in front of me.
Je préfèrerais les avoir devant moi.
I'd rather have them in front of me.
Je les veux devant moi demain.
And I want them in front of me, tomorrow.
Même s'ils apparaissent devant moi...
Even if they appear in front of me...
Tu peux te changer devant moi.
It's all right, you can change in front of me.
Elle l'a dit devant moi.
I can't believe she just did that in front of me.
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