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Translation of "devine" in English


Très bien si personne ne devine...
All right, if no one's going to guess...
Je vous devine gars seront décoller maintenant.
I guess you guys will be taking off now.
Et devine qui je vais interviewer.
And guess who they want me to interview.
Rapportons le treuil au labo, et je devine que nous...
Let's take the winch back to the lab, and I guess we'll just...
Essayer d'impressionner je, je devine.
Trying to impress me, I guess.
Et devine qui contrôle cette fortune ?
One guess who's in control of the money.
Et devine qui a acheté une Fairlane turquoise, en liquide, avant-hier.
And guess who bought a powder blue Fairlane, in cash, day before yesterday.
Alors devine ce que j'ai fait.
So guess what I've done, old friend.
Comme s'il fallait que je devine.
As if I'd need to guess.
Endora, devine qui m'a enfin invitée.
Endora, guess who finally asked me out.
On devine où il a pris de lui.
One guess where it's taking him.
On devine où il va aller.
One guess where it's taking him.
Et devine les deux qu'il manquait.
And guess which two were missing.
Bien... je devine que vous ne laissez pas beaucoup le choix.
Well... I guess you're not leaving me with much of a choice here.
À propos, Sandy,... devine qui a demandé de tes nouvelles.
Speaking of which... guess who asked about you recently.
Je devine que nous ne négocions pas.
I guess we're not negotiating.
Donna, devine qui porte ma montre ?
Donna, guess what's wearing my watch?
Alors je devine que je suis chanceux.
Then I guess I'm the lucky one.
Ron, devine pourquoi mes pouces sont levés.
Ron, guess why my thumbs are up.
Et devine ce que j'ai trouvé.
And guess which one they found in her system.
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