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Translation of "dos" in English


Ils vendent déjà dans votre dos.
But they're already selling behind your back.
Sans son mal de dos, papa les aurait massacrés.
I bet if it weren't for Dad's back, he'd have beat the whole bunch of them.
Que je me suis fait mal au dos.
No, I mean, he doesn't need to know I hurt my back.
Pas pour être sur ton dos.
We're not here to get on your back or... Thank you.
Asseyez-vous sur son dos et videz-le.
Better sit on his back and pump him out.
Ton dos va casser avant le mur.
Your back's going to break way before that wall does.
Transports dos au dortoir, et...
Transport her back to the dormitory, and...
Bing ! au dos de ma chaise.
"Screw you, Mr. Bing" on the back of my chair.
J'utiliserai mon dos comme un skate.
Why, I'd ride on my back like a skateboard.
Vous me laisserez opérer votre dos.
Hope you have time to let me fix your back.
Mon mal au dos et aux genoux.
The back and knees, I couldn't work any more, finito, end.
La mise au dos sera seulement différente.
Only placing baby on your back will be different.
Je préfère tourner le dos à personne.
I just don't want to turn my back on anybody.
Personne ne parle dans votre dos.
Nobody is talking behind your back about anything.
Numéroté au dos de la sérigraphie.
Numbered at the back of the screen print.
Toutes nos signatures sont au dos.
All of our initials are on the back.
Personne n'ose me tourner le dos.
I have not seen the back of anyone's head since I came here.
Coupe féminine et décontractée avec drapé asymétrique froncé au dos.
Feminine and relaxed shape featuring a gathered asymmetrical drape at the back.
Une ligne verticale sépare son dos.
There is a vertical line on his back.
Huit jours après, son dos a commencé.
He told me he hated it, and then a week later his back started.
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