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Translation of "en tirer" in English


Ou vous pouvez en tirer une leçon.
Or you can learn from it.
Les approches sensibles à la culture doivent reconnaître la résistance locale et en tirer des enseignements.
Culturally sensitive approaches must recognize and learn from local resistance.
Tu vas t'en tirer, en prison.
You'll do all right in prison.
Celle de croire que tu pourrais t'en tirer.
To believe you could get away with this.
Quand on échoue, il faut en tirer une leçon.
The best way to deal with failure is to learn from it.
Je pense que nous pouvons tous en tirer une leçon.
I think we can all learn a little something from that.
Va voir ce que Fong peut en tirer.
Why don't you run it over to Fong, see if he can recover anything.
Je pourrais en tirer quelque chose.
I mean, then I could actually make something out of that.
Va voir ce que Fong peut en tirer.
Kono, have Fong dig through this, see what he can come up with.
Nous devons en tirer certaines conclusions.
There are conclusions that we have to draw from this.
Nous pouvons en tirer trois conclusions.
From these facts we can discern three conclusions.
Nous devons en tirer le meilleur.
We've got to make the most of it.
On doit en tirer toutes les conséquences.
We must draw every consequence there is to draw from it.
Nous devons en tirer plusieurs leçons.
There are several lessons we need to learn from this.
L'ONU devrait en tirer des enseignements.
It is something that the United Nations should draw lessons from.
Les autorités nationales doivent maintenant en tirer pleinement parti.
It is now up to national authorities to make full use of them.
Nous devons en tirer les justes enseignements.
We need to learn the right lessons from them.
Tout le monde pourra en tirer les conclusions qu'il voudra.
Everyone can draw their own conclusions from this.
L'Europe doit en tirer tous les atouts.
Europe must realise the full potential.
Certains, et même quelques politiciens, savent en tirer les bonnes conclusions.
Some people - and even a few politicians - are drawing the right conclusions from this.
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