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Translation of "en ville" in English


Les frères Hannassey sont en ville.
The reason I mention it is that the Hannassey boys are in town.
Alors ils sont encore en ville.
That's impossible, unless they're still in town.
Allons en ville récupérer nos enfants.
We're going downtown to get our kids back, right now.
Spectacucon est en ville ce week-end.
Well, SpectacuCon is in town this weekend.
Duncan les a fait imprimer en ville.
Duncan gets 'em done at the print place in town.
Des acheteurs potentiels sont en ville.
We know that some potential buyers are in town.
Appelle-moi quand tu reviendras en ville.
Give me a call when you're in town.
Il y a eu un meurtre en ville hier.
It was on the news this morning about a murder in town yesterday, up at the Oaks.
Faudra acheter un pinceau en ville.
Next time anybody is in town they can pick up a paintbrush.
Matt et elle seront bientôt en ville.
Her and Matt should be arriving back in town any minute.
Je ne fais que passer en ville.
I'm in town for not too much time, just passing through, really.
Je viens d'arriver en ville.
I just landed in town. I don't know anybody here.
Je possède quelques commerces en ville.
I do own a few businesses in town.
Je vous ai cherchée en ville.
I tried to catch you in town, but you was already gone.
Elle était en ville, dans un hôtel.
The last I heard, she was stayin' at some hotel here in town.
Je suis en ville pour affaires.
I'm in town on a little business... all nice and aboveboard.
Découvrir quelques-uns des endroits en ville.
Check out some of the places in town.
On retourne en ville chercher dans les garages, les entrepôts.
Gideon: We have to get back into town and search garages, warehouses, any place someone could hide a large trailer.
Bob Donnelly était en ville jeudi.
Bob Donnelly was in the city on Thursday.
Là, j'ai une réunion en ville.
I got to stop into town for a quick meeting, but you should swing by.
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