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Translation of "entend" in English


entend-il 1261
Le Gouvernement soudanais entend renforcer ce mécanisme.
The Government of the Sudan intends to strengthen this mechanism.
L'accusation entend appeler 56 témoins.
The Prosecution intends to call 56 witnesses to testify.
Frits entend rien, son oreille pend...
Frits don't hear a thing, his ear's hanging from...
On ne l'entend pas souvent.
You just, you don't hear people use it very often.
Le Rapporteur spécial entend demander les observations du Gouvernement américain.
The Special Rapporteur intends to ask the Government of the United States for its comments.
On entend rarement parler de frangins stériles.
Because you rarely hear about brothers in the hood with fertility issues.
Chut, il t'entend peut-être.
Sh, he might be able to hear you.
On entend beaucoup parler... d'autonomie personnelle.
Now, we hear a lot of talk... about personal autonomy.
On l'entend rarement, celle-là.
That's something you don't hear too often, as in ever.
On entend les bloquistes parler du chômage.
We hear our colleagues from the Bloc Quebecois talk about unemployment.
L'État actionnaire entend agir ainsi en investisseur avisé.
The State shareholder thus intends to act like a prudent investor.
La Commission entend apporter sa contribution à cet effort.
' The Commission intends to make its contribution to this effort.
Cette section devrait décrire la manière dont le partenariat entend fonctionner.
This section should describe the way in which the partnership intends to operate.
Avec cette position, le Parlement européen entend adresser quelques messages politiques.
By adopting this position, the European Parliament intends to send certain political messages.
Il entend améliorer leur statut juridique et leur situation financière.
This new legislation seeks to improve the legal status and financial position of foster parents.
La Commission entend bien refléter cette importance dans son action future.
The Commission intends this importance to be clearly reflected in its future actions.
Il entend poursuivre sa carrière comme chercheur principal.
He plans to pursue the career of a Primary Investigator.
La Commission entend atteindre cet objectif pour 2010.
The Commission hopes to see these measures put into effect by 2010.
La Banque mondiale entend ne pas les décevoir.
It was the intention of the World Bank not to disappoint them.
Statistics Finland entend procéder régulièrement à de nouveaux examens.
The aim of Statistics Finland is to repeat these reviews at regular intervals.
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entend-il 1261

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