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See also: mort et enterré
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Translation of "enterré" in English


Un enfant revit un événement dramatique enterré depuis longtemps.
A child relives a dramatic event that had been buried for a long time.
Soyons clairs. On vous a enterré.
I mean, I'm sorry to be blunt, but we buried you.
Dans la mise en application, le réservoir à déchets est partiellement enterré.
In operation, the refuse container is placed partially underground.
J'aimerais pas être enterré dedans.
I wouldn't like to be buried in it.
Tu seras enterré au cimetière national.
You'll be buried in the national cemetery.
J'ignorais où était enterré le cylindre.
I didn't know where the cylinder was buried.
Mon grand-père Chronos y est enterré.
I know my grandfather, Cronos, is buried there.
Disons embaumé, enterré, éparpillé ou incinéré.
Well, that would be embalmed, buried, scattered or burned.
Vous avez enterré M. Gannon dans les médias.
I don't think it's a stretch to say you buried Mr. Gannon in the media.
Son corps était enterré sous des débris.
Well, when we found her, her body was half buried in debris.
J'ignore où Parkashoff est enterré.
I don't know where Parkashoff is buried.
Il était enterré avec l'ennemi.
He was buried with the enemy, Lowell.
On veut plus être enterré maintenant.
They don't want to be buried nowadays.
Il faut qu'il soit enterré convenablement.
I'll see that he's buried... properly.
Il a bien enterré l'affaire.
I don't know, but he buried the case for some reason.
Ulric sera enterré vivant à minuit sonnant.
Ulric will be buried alive at precisely the stroke of midnight.
Quelque chose enterré sous la glace.
It looks like something buried under the ice.
Il veut être enterré au cimetière national.
This says he applied to be buried at the National Cemetery.
Je nettoierai quand je l'aurai enterré.
I'll clean up my mess when I've buried him.
Les enfants l'ont peut-être enterré.
Maybe the cat's dead and the kids buried it.
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