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Translation of "entrer" in English

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Cela reviendrait toutefois à entrer dans le domaine des suppositions.
However, that would be to enter into the realm of speculation.
Chaque semaine, il doit entrer un code dans son système.
Well, every week, he needed to enter a code into the system. It's like a dead man's switch.
Malka voudrait entrer et vous parler.
Malka would like to come in and talk to you.
PRIVÉ Vous pouvez entrer, M.
You may come in now, Mr. Kenny.
L'équipement est prêt, nous attendons pour entrer.
Yes? Our equipment is prepared and we're standing by to enter.
On pourrait faire entrer mon chauffeur.
Maybe we can ask my driver to come in.
Personne ne doit entrer quand on...
I'm not supposed to let anyone inside while we're broad...
Nous pourrons entrer dans une mémoire.
We'll be able to step inside a memory.
J'envisage d'entrer au séminaire.
I'm thinking about joining the priesthood when I get home.
On s'est permis d'entrer.
Jesse and I let ourselves in. I hope you don't mind.
Deux types armés essaient d'entrer.
Two men with guns trying to break in.
Ne laissez pas entrer les gamins déguisés.
Don't let any trick-or-treaters in, even if they come.
Et cela m'empêche d'entrer en hypnose.
I have an idea that's what's stopping me from going into a trance.
Nous devrions être capables d'entrer cet après-midi.
We should be able to get in there by late this afternoon.
Dis-moi comment entrer dans ce local.
Chin, you got to tell me how to get into that locker.
Si quelque chose veut entrer, combattez-le.
If something tries to get in, just fight it off.
Vous devriez sentir l'eau entrer.
And you should feel the water beginning to enter you.
Je vous demande d'entrer calmement.
I trust you gentlemen will come inside now... peacefully.
Vous ne pouvez pas entrer ici et...
You can't just come in here and ruin everything I'm doing, dad.
Laisse-moi entrer lui parler, Aaron.
Let me go in and talk to him, Aaron.
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