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Translation of "existence" in English


De nombreuses raisons pourraient expliquer l'existence de cette catégorie.
There are many reasons that could explain the existence of this category.
De son heureux dénouement dépend sa propre existence.
Its very existence depends on the successful resolution of this issue.
Elles partent de ce point-là et poursuivent leur existence.
They just went on from there and lived the rest of their life.
Penchons-nous un instant sur son existence.
Let us examine his life for a moment.
Et à une conspiration gouvernementale pour maintenir cette existence secrète.
And in a conspiracy inside the government to keep their existence secret.
Il cherche aveuglement la raison de son existence.
He's blindly searching for the reason of his existence.
Grâce à l'existence de ce fragile escalier.
And it's all thanks to the existence of this fragile staircase.
Votre plan compromet toute notre existence.
Your plan jeopardizes the existence of us all.
Le pire moment de notre existence.
No, this was the low point of my existence.
Quiconque connaissant notre existence ne peut être abandonné.
TEACHER: No one can be left behind that has recent memory of our existence.
Les seuls Terriens à connaître mon existence.
The only Earth people to know of my existence.
Le Gouvernement cambodgien a contesté l'existence de telles menaces.
The existence of such threats was disputed by the Government of Cambodia.
L'existence peut facilement tomber dans la vulgarité.
Life can so easily degenerate into something sordid and vulgar.
Vous avez eu une existence palpitante.
Well, you've certainly had quite a glamorous life.
Mon esprit avait entrevu une nouvelle existence.
By then, my mind had been opened to a whole new existence.
Je vais bientôt mettre fin à ton insignifiante existence.
I'm about to put an end to your insignificant existence.
Vous voulez discuter, reprenez votre existence.
You want to discuss, come back to existence.
Nous devons commencer par reconnaître mutuellement notre existence.
It says we must begin by mutually recognizing the existence of each other.
Elle clarifie l'existence des privilèges déjà établis.
It clarifies the continuing existence of those privileges right up to the present.
Votre existence doit avoir une autre cause.
There must be some other reason for your existence.
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