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Translation of "explique" in English


Voyez, tout s'explique finalement.
You see, everything can be explained in the end.
Ils rendent leurs armes quand je leur explique.
They don't mind giving up their arms, now that I've explained it.
Comment voulez-vous que j'explique à Houston...
And how do you propose that I explain to Houston...
Assieds-toi, que je t'explique.
Here, have a seat and let me explain.
Ça n'explique pas le couteau.
That still doesn't explain the knife in her chest.
Ça n'explique pas la défaillance multiviscérale.
It doesn't explain the organ failure or the brain damage.
Celle-ci explique les raisons de ces échéances.
The requesting Contracting Party shall explain the reasons for the deadline.
Cela s'explique par la forte demande en produits photovoltaïques.
This is to be explained by the high demand on the market for solar products.
Je vous explique rapidement le topo.
All right, I'll fill in the picture for you quick.
Ce qui explique sa position actuelle.
Which is, maybe, why he's still a claims investigation supervisor.
Ça explique le changement de caméra.
It explains why he changed the camera in his office.
Je... ça explique certaines choses.
I... it kind of explains a few things.
Ça explique qu'elle soit soudain devenue indispensable.
Could explain why she's become a fact of life around here all of a sudden.
Ça explique pourquoi l'enveloppe est petite.
All of which answers the question why the envelope is short.
J'explique, c'est tout.
No, it doesn't work like that. I'm just explaining...
Cela explique l'irritabilité de notre invitée.
That might explain why our guest is so irritable.
Votre refus de vous expliquer explique tout.
The fact that you won't explain explains everything.
Ça explique comment entrer en contact avec eux.
It tells you how to get in touch with them. I'll try to...
Il a sûrement un texte qui explique tout.
I'm sure there's something in his ancient texts that'll explain all this.
Eh bien, ceci explique sa froideur.
Well, that explains why he was a little cold to me this morning.
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