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Translation of "faire plaisir" in English

have fun
be happy
be pleased
give pleasure
do something nice
a favor
treat yourself


Oui, vous pouvez me faire plaisir.
Yes, you can please me.
Je suis impatient de vous faire plaisir, mon ange.
I'm all eagerness to please, my angel.
Mais je dois faire plaisir a mes frères.
But I got to humor my brothers.
Oui, si ça peut te faire plaisir.
Well, I suppose if that's the only thing in the world would make you happy.
Tu sais comment leur faire plaisir.
Gabriel les écrivait pour lui faire plaisir.
I think Gabriel wrote them to keep him happy.
Je désire seulement vous faire plaisir.
As I said, I'm only here to please.
Ça va faire plaisir aux parents.
You know who's going to be thrilled, is Mom and Dad.
Il veut vraiment vous faire plaisir.
Your son wants very badly to please you.
Une fille veut pouvoir faire plaisir.
A girl wants to do something for her guy too.
Ils nous protègent pour faire plaisir à Marie.
They're including us only as a courtesy to Marie, just to keep her happy.
Vous essayez de me faire plaisir.
All you're trying to do is please me.
La colonne de Winchell devrait te faire plaisir.
Well, here's something in Winchell's column that ought to cheer you up.
Je voulais juste leur faire plaisir.
All I wanted to do was make them happy.
Je pensais leur faire plaisir en restant.
And I thought I was doing them a favor by staying.
Toutesleschoses ce serait lui faire plaisir.
All the things that would make her happy.
Il veut faire plaisir à ses copains du monde des affaires.
It thinks it pleases its business friends.
L'esprit me disait de ne pas aller, mais je voulais lui faire plaisir.
Along the way, I still did not want to go. My mind was telling me not to go, but I wanted to please him.
Tu voulais faire plaisir à Billy.
You were just being nice to Billy.
J'aurais pu dire que j'irai voir l'avocat, lui faire plaisir.
You know I could've just said, "I'll go see the lawyer," make her happy.
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