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Translation of "fais gaffe" in English

watch out
be careful
watch it
look out
pay attention
take it easy
heads up
take care
Cette famille ne sait pas prévoir une grossesse, alors fais gaffe.
Evidently there are no genes for planning a pregnancy in this family, so watch out.
Daniel, fais gaffe à lui.
And, daniel, watch out for him.
Je laisse pour cette fois, mais fais gaffe.
I'm gonna let it fly this time, but be careful.
Je sais pas, fais gaffe.
I don't know, be careful.
Attention. trésor. fais gaffe.
Careful, sweetheart, watch it.
Et son caractère aussi, alors fais gaffe.
And his temper, too, so watch it.
Oh, et fais gaffe à ces pingouins.
Oh, and watch out for the penguins.
Prends ça, mais fais gaffe.
Take this, but be careful.
Casey, fais gaffe, c'est Verbanski.
Casey, watch out, it's Verbanski.
Seulement fais gaffe où tu le plantes.
Only be careful where you stick it.
Oh, fais gaffe avec tes affaires.
Oh, be careful with our stuff.
Toi, mais fais gaffe quand même.
You, but watch out all the same.
Dimpy, la prochaine fois, fais gaffe.
Dimpy, next time be careful.
Oh, Hyde STP fais gaffe.
Oh, Hyde, please be careful.
Aiguille, tu fais gaffe, mais tu ramasses quand même.
A needle, be careful, but you got to pick it up.
Mais Quatre, fais gaffe à ce gars.
But Four, watch out for that guy.
Ciao. J'ai confiance, mais fais gaffe.
James, I got faith, but be careful.
Si on te nomme Inspecteur, fais gaffe.
If they're making you detective, watch out.
Eh, fais gaffe avec ça.
Yo, be careful with that.
Le tuyau est vieux, donc fais gaffe.
The hose is old, so be careful.
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