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Translation of "fait attention" in English

pay attention be careful cares been paying attention
takes care
took care
paid any attention
taken no notice
watch out
pays any attention
made sure


Je n'y avais jamais fait attention.
I go by here all the time, and I never noticed.
Je n'ai pas fait attention, pour être franc.
I haven't noticed, to be honest.
Chuy... fait attention, s'il te plaît.
Chuy... pay attention, please.
C'est surprenant que personne n'y ait fait attention.
And it's surprising nobody would pay attention.
J'ai fait attention de ne pas la blesser.
I'd be careful and she wouldn't get hurt.
Mais fait attention, il devient piquant.
But be careful, he's being prickly.
Je n'ai pas fait attention à la pancarte ce jour-là.
I never noticed the sign that day.
Oublie le contrat et fait attention à la caisse.
Forget the contract and be careful with the step...
La nuit, fait attention à la bande adhésive anti souris.
At night, be careful of the mouse glue strip.
C'est beau quand on y fait attention.
But it is kind of nice if you pay attention.
Je n'ai pas fait attention à ce jardinier.
That was about a year ago you see and well I didn't pay much attention to him.
Si seulement Dr House avait fait attention...
I'm so sorry, if only Dr. House had paid attention.
Il n'a même pas fait attention.
It did not even pay scant attention.
Sugar fait attention à ne pas faire tomber celui-ci.
Sugar being careful not to knock this one over.
Je n'ai pas fait attention.
I cared not really on the knife.
C'est ça, il fait attention.
That's it, he's cautious.
On dirait que quelqu'un fait attention à moi.
Looks like someone's been paying attention to my drink order, Parker.
Je sais que tu babilles toujours dessus, mais je n'ai jamais fait attention.
I know you chatter on about it all the time, but I've never really paid attention.
Qu'à votre place, j'aurais fait attention.
In your place, I paid attention.
Je n'y ai pas fait attention.
At the time, I didn't think anything about it.
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