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Translation of "fermer" in English


Prenez quelques secondes pour fermer votre fenêtre InPrivate.
Take that extra couple of seconds to close your InPrivate window.
Allons fermer cette porte, sergent.
Let's go close that door, Sergeant.
Dis-lui de fermer son satané clapet.
Tell him to shut his fat, ugly mouth.
Vous devriez... fermer l'école.
My first piece of advice to you - close the school.
Je viendrais demain matin pour fermer le compte.
I'll come in tomorrow morning to close the account.
Les Canadiens menacent de fermer leurs frontières.
Tell him the Canadians are threatening to close the borders.
Ils menacent de fermer cet endroit.
They're threatening to close this place down.
On ferait aussi bien de fermer boutique.
You know, we might as well pack it up and close shop.
Il faudrait fermer l'iris manuellement.
The only way is to manually close the iris.
Nous allons fermer pour quelques jours.
We'll close for a couple of days.
Vous allez fermer votre bouche arrogante, midship Young.
You'll close your arrogant mouth, Mr. Midshipman Young.
Nous dûmes fermer trois des quatre filatures.
We had to close three of the four mills.
Vous pouvez maintenant fermer cette fenêtre.
It is now safe to close this window.
Plus besoin de fermer l'éditeur.
No need to close the editor any more.
C'était audacieux de fermer le magasin.
It was an audacious move to close the store.
Pour fermer cette fenêtre tapez F12.
To close this window hit the F12 key.
Nous allons fermer, vous devez payer.
As were closing for the evening I must ask you to settle at once.
Dispositif pour ouvrir et fermer une bouteille.
The invention relates to a device for opening and closing a bottle.
Je vais fermer cette porte maintenant.
I'll just be closing this door right now.
Le musée va fermer. Dépêchons-nous.
The museum will be closing soon, so we should hurry.
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