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Translation of "finir" in English

end up
finish up
wind up
do away
wrap up
round off
play out
eat up
polish off
use up
end in
drink up
be done done with


pour finir 4923
en finir 3314
Je veux finir, mais ici.
I do want to finish, but I was thinking about finishing here.
Elles doivent finir l'année ici.
They have to finish the whole year here.
Belle façon de finir une conversation.
Well, that's one way to end a conversation.
Mais pour finir, tout baigne gentiment.
In the end, you have to admit, it all works out quite nicely.
Tu ne veux pas finir malheureuse.
You don't want to end up one of the great un-enjoyed.
L'endroit idéal pour finir fauché.
The perfect place to end up flat broke.
On doit finir la dissection pour compléter le schéma.
Let's finish this dissection or else we can't complete the report.
Je ne veux certainement pas finir comme McKeane.
Well, I sure don't want to end up like McKeane.
On doit remonter finir nos boîtes.
We've got to get back upstairs and finish packing.
Personne ne veut finir comme Steve Crosetti.
None of wants to end up like Steve Crosetti.
Laissons Tobar et Link finir l'interrogatoire.
Let's let Tobar and Link finish the interrogation.
Je resterai pour finir mon travail.
I'll stay as long as you need to finish my work.
Laisse-moi finir avec monsieur et madame.
Woody, let me finish helping these good people.
Personne ne devrait finir comme pas pauvre Charlene.
No one should have to end up like my poor Charlene did.
J'aimerais pouvoir finir son combat.
I wish I could finish that fight for him.
Ça pourrait finir comme vos romans.
Besides, it might end up like one of your plots.
Il faut persévérer et finir notre travail.
We just have to keep at it and finish our work.
Je viendrai le soutenir, finir ses devoirs.
I'll be there to hold his hand and finish his little project for him.
J'aurais dû le finir ce soir.
I have to finish it tonight if I want the money I've been promised.
Je peux vraiment pas finir cette phrase.
And I honestly can't even finish that sentence.
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pour finir 4923
en finir 3314

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