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Translation of "foule" in English


foulé 475
Mais la foule réussit à gagner l'édifice.
But the crowd finally manage to fight their way into the building.
Mais retournons à notre foule bruyante.
But let's go back to our noisy crowd.
La foule passait par le salon.
The mob was headed through the living room...
Puis cette foule vient nous chercher.
Then that mob comes in here, and they get us.
Toute la foule était à terre sur le rivage.
All the multitude were on the land by the sea.
Ils cherchent encore Bell dans la foule.
They're still searching for Bell in the crowd.
Voir cette foule me rappelle ma première campagne.
Looking out over this crowd, I'm reminded of my first campaign.
Je veux arriver avant la foule.
Just want to get there before the crowd.
Une foule nous y attendra peut-être.
There might be a crowd at the airport.
La foule a doublé depuis hier.
The crowd has doubled in size since yesterday.
La foule acclame cette pirouette parfaite.
The crowd swooning as he comes out of that spin flawlessly.
Je me mortifierai moi-même devant la foule.
I'll mortify myself in front of the crowd.
J'ignore comment ils traverseront la foule.
How you get them through this crowd I don't know.
Commençons par votre compréhension des dynamiques de foule.
Let us start by your learning what are the dynamics of a crowd.
Leurs scores sont excellents et la foule les soutient.
Their scores are great, and they definitely have the crowd behind them.
Arrivés là, suivez la foule...
Having arrived there, just follow the crowd...
Charly a une foule de visiteurs.
Charley has a crowd in the Waiting Room.
Sauf quelques visages dans la foule.
Well, apart from a few faces here and there in the crowd.
La foule semble manifester son mécontentement.
The crowd appears to be voicing its displeasure.
Montrer Mary comme ça à cette foule.
Showing Mary like this to that mob out there.
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foulé 475

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