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Translation of "foutu" in English


Disons que Williamson est cosmiquement foutu.
Well, simply put Dr Williamson is cosmically screwed.
Si ça marche pas, c'est foutu.
We're screwed if this doesn't work.
Quoi que ce foutu pays nous réserve.
For whatever the future holds for us in this bloody country.
On était comme ton foutu requin.
We were like that bloody shark of yours.
Maintenant on doit chercher un foutu colocataire.
Now we're having to look for a bloody flatmate.
C'est un foutu zoo dehors.
It's a bloody zoo out there.
Non, tu n'es pas foutu.
No, you're not screwed.
Et maintenant, je suis encore un foutu Vampire.
And now, I am a bloody vampire again.
Je me fiche de ce foutu dîner.
I don't care about the bloody dinner.
Enlevons ce foutu logo CND et annulons Henrietta Williams.
Let's get that bloody CND logo down and cancel Henrietta Williams.
Arrêtez ce foutu véhicule, Faulkner.
Pull the bloody vehicle over, Faulkner.
Combien de foutu thé as-tu renversé là-dedans ?
How much bloody tea did you spill in here?
Le lanceur est foutu car tout orbite.
Bowler's screwed - since fielders are circling.
Mais si tu rates, on est foutu.
But if you miss, we're screwed.
Alors je suppose qu'on est foutu.
Well, I guess we're screwed, then.
Bref, tout est foutu sauf Saddam Hussein.
In short, everything is done for, apart from Saddam Hussein.
C'est un peu foutu maintenant.
Well, it's kind of messed up now.
Encore quelques balles et il est foutu.
Anyway, two more of these and he'll be out of ammo.
J'ai zéro expérience, mais là, c'est foutu.
Jay, I have zero experience with women, and I can tell you, there's no coming back from that one.
Il s'est foutu de moi.
He's playing with my mind. I don't get it.
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