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Translation of "frère Marshal" in English

Très bien, salut frère Marshal Dix.
Alright, my main man Marshal Dix.

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Bien, probablement que les frères Marshall lui ont parlé.
Well, I guess the Marshall boys must have talked to her too.
John Wayne était mon héros et les frères Marshall lui donnèrent des pieds d'argile.
John Wayne was my hero and the marshall boys gave him feet of clay.
Frère Thomas Marshall arrive directement du château de Darnay.
Baron William de Albany, Brother Thomas Marshal.
C'est votre frère, Marshal.
It's your brother, Marshal.
Et voici mon agréable et joyeux frère, Marshall.
And this is my... fun and happy brother, Marshall.
Mais le frère de Marshall avait enregistré Predator.
He is, he's in, just in his office next door. That's great.
Je suis Frank Stamshaw, le frère de Marshall.
Frank Stamshaw. Marshall's brother.
sauf que le frère de marshall avait enregistrer Predator par dessus.
Except Marshall's brothers had taped over it with Predator.
Aidée de son frère, Paul Marshall, elle projette de kidnapper Chip Capwell; ce qui sera sa grande erreur.
Helped by her brother, Paul Marshall, she intends to kidnap Chip Capwell; what will be her big mistake.
Son frère est un grand marshall.
Her brother's the grand marshall.
Au cours de la première guerre des barons Gilbert pris le parti du prince Louis de France, mais après la bataille de Lincoln, il changa de camp et rejoint son père-frère William Marshall, donnant soutient au jeune Henri III comme roi.
During the first baron's war Gilbert first sided with Prince Louis of France, but after the Battle of Lincoln, he changed sides and joined his father-in-law William Marshall, supporting the young Henry III as king.
Ce n'est pas votre frère Virgil qui est marshal à Tombstone?
Isn't your brother Virgil a marshal at Tombstone?
La Crèmerie Ayer's Cliff appartenait aux deux frères, Marshall Rupert Rexford (1880-1956) et Willard Harold Rexford (1891-1968), tous deux de Ayer's Cliff, P.Q.
The Ayer's Cliff Creamery was owned by two brothers Marshall Rupert Rexford (1880-1956) and Willard Harold Rexford (1891-1968) both of Ayer's Cliff, P.Q.
Marshall. Le frère adoptif de Betsey.
This is Marshall, Betsey's foster brother.
Marshall est mon frère lui aussi.
Marshall's my brother, too.
Marshal... Vous avez loyalement servi mon frère et mon père avant lui.
Marshal, you served my brother faithfully and my father before him.
Il s'avère que votre Oncle Marshall et ses frères faisait un peu plus que de se chamailler.
Turns out Uncle Marshall and his brothers did a little more than just roughhouse.
Le jour après qu'un marshal tue son frère, on tire sur le chef.
Day after a marshal kills his brother, somebody takes a shot at the chief.
Marshal, monsieur, mon frère a insisté pour y aller et c'est tout ce que je peux vous dire.
Marshal, sir, my brother insisted that we go and that is as much as I can tell you.
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